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What Matters When Buying a Long Console Table?

by Mae

Do you know that the long console table is currently among designers’ best home décor items? This furniture is now in many modern homes, and many homeowners can’t wait to buy the table for their spaces. The tables can add style to any room. If you are hearing about it for the first time, the long console table is a stylish table that is tall as a desk or a dining room table. It can measure up to 12 inches or above in-depth, though this is not standard because different manufacturers have varied dimensions. But how do you know the right long console table for you?

Things that matter when buying a long console table

In the online or offline market, you will find a long console table in various colors and styles. Alibaba has almost every table you have been thinking of. The designs are quite attractive. Here is the guide to choosing the best console table for your home from the listing.

Consider the style

The console table is the first thing that attracts anyone as they enter a home. Thus, it would help if it is as unique and interesting as possible. When you choose the table’s style, consider your home’s décor. The table and home décor should coordinate. If you want the table for your hallway, do not treat it as a separate space. Treat the hallway as an integral part of your home and ensure the table’s style is incredible. You can consider the vintage console tables if you are a retro-style fan. The tables are ideal for interiors with Hamptons, maximalist, modern, boho, or retro styles.

The table’s length and height

The console table’s length and height should depend on where you intend to place it. If you want to place the table behind your couch, make sure its height does not exceed the sofa. The ideal length may be for it to be shorter or the same as the sofa. Also, make sure that it is not too short. The main thing to consider in terms of length and height is to go for one that is proportional to your space.

Consider the material

The materials you select for your table should coordinate with your home’s style. It should also be solid and stable. The main material for a console table includes slate, marble, granite, glass, metal, and wood. The console table’s traditional style is one made from wood. The wood table is one of modest yet elegant and beautiful furniture.

The metal and glass console table also looks stunning. The tables fit the glam, modern, boho, rustic, and loft interiors. The slate, granite, and marble stones will give your home a luxurious appearance. Mixed materials can also be perfect for your home. You can choose a wood table with a glass top that holds aspects of gold decorations.


A long console table is an excellent addition to your home; it serves your functional and style goals. The main element when choosing the table is to consider one that coordinates with your home’s design.

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