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Put On Some Littman Lights

by Mae

With an economical price suitable for residential or commercial usage, Littman pool table lights provide an excellent light dispersion over the table. The Littman Lights are custom-made pool table lights that blend traditional woodworking techniques with cutting-edge LED lighting technology. You can also use led pool table lights.

A Littman Light is now being worn by the most well-known personalities in pool at home. Names including Allison Fisher, Nick Varner, Shane Van Boening, and Sky Woodward. These present and potential members of the Hall of Fame know one crucial fact in addition to being the world’s finest at what they do: In order to play pool, you need to have the right illumination.

What Sets This Light Different From All The Others?

Cut: Similar to how a diamond’s cut contributes to its brightness and sparkling light reflection. The objective for pool table illumination is really rather the reverse. In order to illuminate the playing area, we need to aim the light downward, away from the player’s eyes, and toward the table. This is achieved using a unique reflecting diffuser known as paracube. Keep in mind that I stated reflective diffuser. In order to lessen glare on the players’ eyes, we DON’T want to reduce the quantity of light that is being emitted, as would happen with frosted glass or plastic. By doing this, two important objectives are achieved: most of the light is directed AT the table surface and AWAY FROM the players’ EYES. Given the incredible brilliance of LED lights, it is brilliant and an essential MUST (more on that later).

Color: Remember the “soft white” bulb advertising from the 1980s and 1990s? Did you ever really get what it meant? The spectrum of colors is important. The color spectrums of light bulbs commonly go from 2700K (or Kelvin) to 6500K. The yellow spectrum is 2700K, while the daylight spectrum is 6500K. The color of the fabric and the color of the balls may seem to the eye in a VASTLY different way depending on the kind of light shining upon them, which is very amazing. Lower spectrums exhibit dull, dismal tones due to the yellowing effect, which prevents the balls from “popping” off the table. The fabric gets “washed out” at higher spectrums; the contrast is too great, and the sensation of warmth and color are gone. For the best color perception, every Littman Light is equipped with lights in the 5000–5500K range.

Clarity. What do we need in order to get a clear view of the pool table surface? Power! Results! Brightness! That can only imply one thing in 2020: LED technology! LEDs are very bright, effective, and long-lasting. Edge-lit LED panel lights are used to create Littman Lights. This means that when paired with the paracube diffusers, the output is brilliant, even, and produces remarkable illumination intensity straight into the pool table surface. The result is a crystal-clear, bright, spectacular experience playing pool.

Diamond weight: I guess I’ve sort of shot myself in the foot in this situation. Obviously, the heavier the better when it comes to diamonds! The reverse is true, however, when it comes to pool table illumination. When compared to our competitors, our lights are particularly lightweight since they are made of anodized aluminum and LED panels. And since it is just 3 inches thick and comes in a choice of colors, your thin, stylish Littman Light will complement any décor and any brand, design, or color of billiard table.

Littman Lights is the finest when it comes to lighting a home pool, a pool hall, or an entire tournament! The future belongs to the stunning, sleek, lightweight, and contemporary pool lighting.

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