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How To Buy Virgen De Guadalupe Statue?

by Mae

This Statue is a Catholic philanthropist Mexico. This statue is commonly seen inside churches around Mexico. The Virgin of Guadalupe is believed to be very powerful and is prayed to for help and guidance.

On December 12, there is a festival in her honor in the Mexico City where she appears on her cloak. The image of de Guadalupe is a symbol of hope, faith, love, and unity for the people throughout Latin America. She is associated with healing, protection from danger, and motherly compassion.

When visiting the market to buy the virgen de guadalupe statue, you’ll see the art of many sculptors in the form of different statue sizes, styles, colors, and quality artwork. However, as people cannot buy this statue too often, so they are unaware of what to look for when buying a statue.

So, in this article, you will find the complete detail about how and where to buy the Virgen de Guadalupe statue!

Size of Statue

The size of the statue is important to consider because it can be from very small to large. The size of Virgen de Guadalupe depends on the purpose for which you are buying the statue because this will determine the available space.

For example, the statue you are buying for a public place will be larger than the one for the home or church.

Material of Statue

Virgen de Guadalupe statue is made of various materials from metal to mud or resins. Plaster is the most commonly used material in these statues because it is budget-friendly. Other common materials are wood, ceramic, clay, and resin. The material determines the durability of the statue, so make sure not to go for cheap material.

Quality of Statue

The quality of a statue greatly depends on its material quality. When choosing a statue, ensure that it will not be made from cheap and toxic material. There is many toxic materials are used in many statues like chlorinated waxes. So, do proper research about which material is the best.

Price of Statue

Price is a bigger factor when buying statues. However, price varies based on all the factors mentioned above. A durable and high-quality statue will always be more expensive than one on average. As the price of these statues ranges between 100 to a thousand dollars and even more, so determining your budget will be the best way.


Usually, the statue customization did not include many changes except adding the buyer’s name or something like this. Still, if you need any changes in statue design or size, you can ask the professionals or your buyer to do so.

Where to Buy Virgen De Guadalupe Statue?

Though there are many stores from where you can buy these statues buy finding a reliable option can be a bit tricky. You can choose the Alibaba store to explore the large variety of these statues regarding their sizes, material, quality, and also customization.

Alibaba store offers the statues in almost every budget range, so, it would become easier for you to pick the right option by comparing with others.

Hopefully, this article will guide you in buying the durable and top-notch statue.

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