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5 Simple Steps for Installing the Beveled Mirror Tiles

by Mae

You can use the beveled mirror tiles to serve several purposes. Some of its most common use include; decorating your walls, creating a large mirror wall, or even creating murals. The mirror tiles are exquisite and provide their users with several benefits. One of the best things about the tiles is that installing them is relatively straightforward. But that is not always the case when doing the installation for the first time. Here is a guide on how to install the beveled mirror tiles.

How to set up your beveled mirror tiles

Do you know that you can install mirror tiles without spending a lot of money? Many people often prefer to have expert help with the installation, which turns out quite costly. You can avoid that if you follow the steps keenly. We will look at the procedure to follow, especially when using adhesives. Here we go!

Clean and sand your wall

The first thing you need to do is to select the place where you want to put the beveled mirror tiles. It can be in your bathroom or kitchen. Once you have done that, go ahead and clean it. Make sure to use warm and soapy water. Then sand the wall; it ensures that your adhesive will stick well.

Arrange the beveled mirror tiles

The main goal of arranging the mirror tiles is determining your desired pattern. Thus, place the tiles on a flat surface. Then, rearrange them until you get the pattern you need. Measure the design’s width and length, and then use a pencil and a measuring tape to mark your wall. Also, use a carpenter’s level to draw even straight lines on your wall.

Use a notched trowel to apply adhesive

When applying the adhesive, place an even layer on every corner. Consult with an expert on the best type of glue to use. Some adhesives may damage your beveled mirror tiles. Also, read your adhesive package instructions to determine the best care practice.

Add a double-sided mirror tape

Make sure to add the mirror tape for every 12 inches of your beveled mirror tile. If you have a less than 12-inches mirror tile, put the double-sided mirror tape on every corner of the tile. Remove the plastic cover from the tape’s side and place it on the glass’s back. The tape’s primary function is to guarantee that your tile will not fall off the wall as the adhesive sets.

Press the mirror tile into the adhesive

Peel the plastic cover from the double-sided tape’s top. Then, hold and lift your beveled mirror tile to the installation region’s top corner. Use firm but gentle pressure to press it on the adhesive. Make sure to use the drawn lines to add all the tiles. Lastly, use a clean wet cloth to wipe out any excess adhesive.


As you can see from above, installing the mirror tiles is a straightforward process. You can do it yourself without requiring an expert. However, browse Alibaba to buy beveled mirror tiles and source for the best type of adhesive to use.

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